PREMIUM COMBIVOX CLOUD12 months24 months36 months
Pre-paid packages: control panel-cloud connection via Combivox IP module + DSL or other GSM/GPRS SIM (min. 100 Mb/month)€ 11,90 € 19,90 € 28,90
HOW TO ORDERCOD. 71.212COD. 71.224COD. 71.236

CLOUD COMBIVOX PREMIUM SIM12-month activation12-month renewal
12-month activation€ 99,00 € 99,00
HOW TO ORDERCOD. 71.237COD. 71.238

Voice Recharge + SMS for Combivox SIMCombivox SIM recharge for voice calls and SMS sending on control panel event
NOTE: only if Cloud is active
15 mins Voice +50 SMS€ 26,90
* the fees may be subject to changes without notice. Regularly consult the website combivoxcloud.com

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