Combivox Cloud is a powerful WEB Server for the technical programming and the User management of Combivox control panels and devices connected to it via DSL or GSM-GPRS module.


No network or router programming is necessary for the connection of Combivox Cloud. The control panel can be connected to the Cloud through DSL line or integrated GSM-GPRS module.


Combivox Cloud is installed on one of the main Data center with geo redundancy and represents exclusively a link between System and User/Installer. The programming and the system status data are not saved in the storage and are only available on demand.


The IP address of Combivox Cloud is already set in the control panel: through a simple procedure, it is sufficient to activate the connection (via DSL or GPRS), to connect the control panel to the CLOUD 24 hours a day. After this step, the installer will be able to connect the control panel in order to carry out the programming and the remote assistance throu- gh the Control panel Programming software.


In the Combivox Cloud website, you can find an Installer area, through which it is possible to monitor the system status with indications of technical faults and failed connections. Configuration for the sending of e-mail signallings on event (AC loss, battery low, no connection) to several e-mail addresses.


A Combivox SIM is available for the Cloud services via GPRS connection. The SIM guarantees Roaming with the main operators of the country concerned, by switching on the one with the strongest signal, thus limiting the lack of GSM coverage. The SIM includes 12 months of Cloud services, 100 SMS and 30 Voice minutes for sending alarm signallings to the telephone numbers not connected via APP.


It is possible to access any system directly via Simplya Cloud APP (iOS and Android) to carry out all the Anti-theft and Home Automation functions both locally and remotely and receive live notifications concerning alarms, system status and faults (battery low, Cloud connection fault, etc.).

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