Available free of charge for IOS and Android Smartphones.
Simplya Cloud is the exclusive APP for iOS and Android Smartphones for an integrated management of Anti-theft and Home automation functions of one or more configured Combivox control panels, through COMBIVOX CLOUD services and Videosurveillance functions (public static IP address or with ddns service is necessary, free Combivox DDNS is available).
Simplya Cloud is intuitive thanks to an interface with icons, based on the same platform of Simplya keypad. It makes the access to all functions very simple and rapid.
Simplya Cloud APP is suitable for Combivox control panels connected to the CLOUD via GSM/GPRS module (data SIM with at least 100 Mb/month is necessary) or IP module for DSL connection.
COMBIVOX CLOUD allows a simplified configuration of the network settings without performing configurations on the router or asking your provider for a static IP address.
Besides, push notifications to the APP users and e-mail signallings are immediately sent in case of lack of system monitoring because of fault (no DSL line, no GPRS data connection) or tampering.
Also the Installer can access the system, thus being able to perform programming and maintenance activities with prior authorization of the user.


You can access the system for area arming/disarming, zone monitoring or bypass, possible fault check (AC power loss, battery low, etc.). Consultation of Control panel Event Log. Possibility to manage more than one control panel.

Live notifications

H24-receiving of push notifications (Combivox Cloud PREMIUM and PREMIUM SIM service) in case of system status change (Arming and Disarming), faults (battery low, AC power loss, etc.) and alarms with event, area and zone identification. Notification of Cloud connection fault in case of malfunction of DSL line or of GSM-GPRS data network or in case of system tampering. Notification receiving also in case of multi-system management.

Home automation

You can access the system to manage Home automation functions. Lights on/off, activation/deactivation of rolling shutters, gate, etc., Climate management with possibility to adjust the temperature of different environments. You can activate predefined macros in order to execute sequential Anti-theft and Home automation functions (area arming, lights off, irrigation activation, etc.).


Possibility to configure up to 16 ONVIF IP cameras for each configured control panel (necessary LAN module with DSL line and static IP address or any IP address and host name provided by a dynamic dns service - free Combivox ddns available), for visualization and videoverification in case of alarm.

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